Check your online

Usually, on the back of the gift card there are rules for checking the There may be specified websites on which it is possible to check the balance of the card. Visit only official websites to check the

Enter the necessary information on the site

After visiting the website found on the back of the card, it will have fields for information related to your map. This usually includes your card number and other digital code, such as the expiration date or access code. This information you will need for check
Sometimes you may need to remove the tape to show the card numbers on the back of the card.

Click Send or type.

After introducing the necessary information, carefully check its correctness. Send information. You should see the . If the balance information does not appear, your card may have expired. In this case, it is necessary to call the company or go to a physical location.

Going into the Store for check your

If on the back of your gift card you do not specify websites to check the , you need to use other methods. Calling the Gift Card Company. It is completely free. The company number is on the back of your card.
Another method is Going into the Store. If your gift card is for a specific company, visit store to that company. They will tell you the .