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What is a gift cards?

The gift card, gift cards, is a bearer card (not personalized). Any individual who presents a Gift Card can pay for goods and services with it.
In case of loss of the Gift Card, including theft, it is necessary to contact the card supplier as a matter of urgency.
The buyer should keep the fiscal sales receipt, which he received when he bought the Gift Card, gift cards, to confirm its face value in case of demagnetization, damage or in case of other disputable situations. gift cards Validity

The buyer can check the validity and balance of the Gift Card ( gift cards) online or on the place of purchase. If the check is done online, then it is better to do it on the official website of the supplier. gift cards Information

A gift card, gift cards, cannot be used to receive cash from the cash register.
Only individuals can pay for goods and services using a Gift Card. When purchasing goods by legal entities Gift cards are not accepted for payment.
When making a purchase, the Gift Card, gift cards, a value is deducted in full.

If the purchase amount (the total amount of the check) exceeds the face value of the Gift Card, gift cards, the difference between the purchase amount and the face value of the Gift Card is paid in cash, either using a bank card, or using other Gift cards, or a Virtual Certificate.